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"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."

Anne Frank

Discover the Shtetl of Laguna

We're Growing Home!

A shtetl, by definition, is a small Jewish village. Although the term is often equated with rural orthodox communities in pre-WWII Eastern Europe, we think it describes our shul very well ... with a contemporary spin, of course. You see, Chabad of Laguna Beach is more than a synagogue. We are a community. You might even say an extended family.  We pray together, learn together, play together, dine together, raise our children together, and keep our traditions alive together. Unlike the shtetles of the past, however, we are not isolated. To the contrary, we are very active in the community, serving those who are less fortunate, hosting lectures, koshering kitchens, and delighting neighbors each Chanukah with our surfboard menorah. What a long way we have come since our shul was established a quarter century ago. How we have grown! And now, 25 years later, we have been blessed with the opportunity to celebrate that growth by purchasing the building that so many of us call home. It is from this opportunity that the idea for Mitzvah Auctions was born  -- a fun way to raise support for buying and renovating the building, but even more importantly, a way to invite you to become a part of our shtetle ... our home. So please come in, take a look around, and make yourself comfortable. We're growing home, and we invite you to join us!

Explore Our Edah

Surrounded by towering palm trees and just steps from the Pacific Ocean, Chabad of Laguna Beach is an oasis of prayer, learning, encouragement, compassion and acceptance. Here, traditions are treasured, souls are nourished, questions are answered, and strangers are always welcome. Here, your wandering ends and your spiritual journey begins. The next time you are in the area, please consider being our guest for service and a sit-down kiddush, and discover all our community has to offer!

Meet Our Mensches

In 1993, a young Rabbi traveled across America with his wife and small children to a sleepy beach town in California, where local Jews had to travel miles to the nearest synagogue. Together, the Rabbi and Rebbetzin found a defunct bank for lease and transformed the weary building into a vibrant center for Jewish life. Today, Chabad of Laguna Beach is not just developing programs and services for the present; we are building a legacy for tomorrow - a place that future generations will call home.

Behold the Sweet Faces of our future

See the Difference a Mitzvah Can Make

Coastal Orange County's First Traditional Mikveh

For decades, Jewish women of coastal Orange County have traveled miles to obey G-d's law regarding holiness and purification. A local mikveh will be a blessing not only to our little shtetl of Laguna, but to hundreds of women who visit Laguna Beach each year - orthodox and non-orthodox alike. (NOTE: This project offers a naming opportunity for those who wish to honor a loved one.)

Kitchen for Preparing Meals and Feeding the Hungry

While food may be an indulgence for many of us, it also plays a vital role in our observance of the Torah.  A proper kosher kitchen will equip us to celebrate Shabbat and High Holy Days as a community and will help us ensure that the home-bound and the underserved will not go hungry. (NOTE: This project offers a naming opportunity for those who would like to honor a loved one.)

Classrooms for Hebrew School and Adult Education

Too cool for school? Not at this shul! Chabad of Laguna Beach is known as a trendsetter in creative Jewish education for kids. For adults, we offer JLI courses throughout the year in addition to customized curricula for individuals and groups who would like to study specific topics in depth.  (NOTE: This project offers naming opportunities for those who wish to honor loved ones.)

Rabbi's Office and Library

For 25 years, our rabbi has prepared Torah lectures and met with those seeking guidance while sitting at a table in a corner of the sanctuary.  We hope to welcoming the next quarter century with an office that offers privacy and a library for all who seek knowledge.

Sanctuary Renovation

A place for prayer. A place for learning. A place that hosts guest speakers such as the Ballerina of Auschwitz and the Bielski Brothers. A place of refuge from the chaos and uncertainty of the world. A place to find yourself. This place is our sanctuary - the place we call home. 

Outdoor Dining Area

In Laguna, we are blessed with temperate weather year-round. So, rather than using limited indoor space for a dining area, we have the ability to create a four-season outdoor space at a fraction of the cost.  The outdoor space will also include a play area for children. 

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